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KYRALEOBIS MASTER JOHN SNOW, a male that is hosted with us, sired puppies in kennel ERYA HARYON. A few photos of the litter are below.



IDS PRAGUE 2.12.2018

Dogs: J. Volšická
Bitches: L. Frnčo

The very first show of our young boy Kyraloebis Master John Snow (Adam) in junior class, where 24 dogs were shown. I was again in the ring after 5 long years so I wasn't myself a bit. But Adam didn'z mind and presented himself very well - he was placed 1st and became winner of the class!
Recieved titles: CAJC & BOJ

Specialty show Kolesa September 2018

Judges: T. Hehir IRL, R. Crilly IRL, F. McCann UK

Zonny z Hambalek Bušín Exc.1, CAC, Specialty show winner, BOB
Call Me Maybe Terrystaff Exc.1, CAJC, BOS

There were 275 dogs and bitches entered to the show. The show was held in three rings and was moderated by Dan Zdansky. Well organised event, many thanks to all involved. At this show I focused on young dogs and bitches and I have to say several of them pleased me very well. Especially all the placed dogs in junior class and the winner of junior class bitches, who was also BOS. Then winner of bitches from baby class - Chupacabra Wizard Bull and puppy class Zizu Macy Grayare are just my cup of tea. I am looking forward to the club show in 2019. The BOB went to 6 years old male Zonny z Hambalek Bušín, who was shown in a great shape. Congratulations to his owners Lonsky family and breeder J.Klimes.

Club show Poděbrady únor 2018

Judges: Jamie Mace (UK), Pete Hopgood (UK)

Club Winner: Glimmer Man Domidar Dogs
Junior Winner: Joy Mab Cyntaf Fransimo Bohemia
Best puppy: Avenger at Red Point Staff Just Kidding

At this years club show in Podebrady I was watching dogs. The judging was held in two rings and the show was well moderated by Dan Ždárský. The show was well organised. Two experienced judges from UK were a guarentee of objective judgements. Again we could see how SBT should be judged. No collective runs, but one by one. The judge can fully focus on movement of one particular dog and his assesment. What I do not understand is why this is not happening with our judges. I am asking why our judges do not copy this style of judging, which is the best for our breed? Judges sellected for placing in each class dogs that met three of their conditions - show condition, good handling and confrontation towards standard. Congratulations to all who were placed. "Again" the show was won by Zalis, Lahodova and Lukasova etc. Dear friends, they deserve it, they have nice dogs, well trained and well handled. It is a reward fir their hard work in breeding and training for show. They are inspiration for all of us.

Specialty show Kolesa September 2017

Judge: Sylvia Barkey from Canada, Janet Higgins from UK, Louis Coetsee from South Africa

Dogs winner: Forever First Domidar Dogs
Bitches winner: Rara Avis Slade Czech

There were 296 dogs and bitches entered. The judging took place in three rings and the whole show was modarated by Dan Ždárský. The show was well organised, many thanks to all who took a part at it. What more to say, we can still see poor handling of dogs in the ring. Don't be mad at me, but from junior class all exhibitors have to handle their dogs. As far as I know there are seminars, where they teach the basics. So I ask, who newbies do not come only to look at the show to see how the dogs are shown and then train at home? I didn't want to say that, but I have to. Sometimes I feel that breeding come in "somehow show, do breeding check and get money" style. It might be over the board and not necessarily true. Surely there are owners who take showing as a hobby, but sometimes it seems to me so.
I do not want to be only critical so congratulations to all, who were placed and I wish to see more nicely shown SBTs in the future.

Crufts 2017 9.3.2017

Judge: Mr. D. Cund – dogs
Judge: Mr. R. Blackley – bitches


Traditionally March belongs to Crufts. Also this year I went there as a spectator, but this time without my friend Pepa. I met my friends, who were showing their dogs. Dogs and bitches from our country are being placed in their classes now for few years now. Huge congratulation to all, who wre placed!

Club show Poděbrady 18 - 19.2.2017

Judge: Mr. Harry A Coble
Judge: Mrs. Mary A. Coble

Club winner: Arleta Fantastic Fay Bohutín
This year's club show was again held in golf resort Poděbrady. I have to admit I was pleased and surprised that show was held for two days. There was a carpet in the rings and chairs around, enough space and great speaker Dan Žďárský. My biggest respect to all, who put their effort into oganisation of such a nice event. Level of our clubs shows is going up, well done!

Specialty show Kolesa u Kladrub 17.9.2016

Judges: Brett Lay (UK) + Ortlieb Lothary (D)
Judges: Debbie Saunt (UK) + Ortlieb Lothary (D)

Exc.1, CAC, VSV, BOB - Zonny Z Hambalek Bušín
Exc.1, CAC, VSB, BOS - Collete of Red Point Staff
Exc.1 CAJC, BOJ - Áres Blue Hunt Pack

As each year one of the SBT shows was held in Kolesa u Kladrub.
As was only a visitor this time. 326 dogs and bitches were entered. Few years more and it will be like at Crufts. On one hand I have to say I am pleased with interest in our breed, on the other I am sorry that quantity won over quality. I see dogs that do not fit standard and also some that have high european and UK level. So I wish to all the latter. It is not my job to rate judges, each one of you who was at the show made his own oppinion. Upcoming generation of junior females under 12 months of age made an impression on me.

National show Mladá Boleslav 16.7.2016

Judge: J. Volšická
I visited national dog show in Mlada Boleslav as a visitor and watched judging. Judge was experienced Mrs. J.Volsicka and she surprised me very well as her judging was my cup of tea. She was not hesitating to give very good merit to dogs that were highly awarded before. National winner became stunning red male Assilio Red Alert. I am not affraid to say he is one of the best SBTs in our country at the moment. In other classes really only the best dogs were placed and won. We can only wish that judging of all other judges had such a high level.

Crufts 2016 13. 3.2015

Judges: Mrs. V. Richardson – dogs
Mr. T. Curd – bitches

Crufts winner: Staffash The Hurricane
DCC Staffash The Hurricane
BCC Sennyards Love at First Sight
BP Morlu Alright Dave

Traditionally as each year the beginning of March belongs to Crufts. I participated at the show as a visitor only, together with Pepa Klimeš we came flying directly to Birmingham. We met with friends and exhibitors from Czech at the show. I was very kindly surprised how many of continental exhibitors were placed, among them also some of our breeders. My big acknowledgement to all of them for representing our breeding at this prestigious show.
Winner was golden-white dog Staffash The Hurricane, my favourite Brohez Rubin Hurricane was second. Among females I had my eye on bitch Virzula Irresistible from Netherland as well as Winner bitch Sennyards Love at First Sight. I have to admit that the new generation of SBT didn't pleased me that much. I surely prefer the old one. Atmosphere at the show was great, no problems with handling. Something that our exhibitors should take an example from. See you at Crufts hopefully in 2017.

Club show Poděbrady 20.2.2016

Judges: Miss Melanie Corcoran – dogs
Mrs. Lauren M. Williams - bitches
Mr. Alan Hedges – puppy, veteran, honour

The very first club show of this years was held on golf club Podebrady. I have to admit that I was really surprised - ring was fully covered with carpet and chairs for sitting were all around the ring. I felt like at show in UK. Though behaviour of some of the exhibitors made me wake up from my dream. We still have a lot of catching up. But organisators have my huge respect, they really raised level of our club shows. Congratulations.
I was a bit dissapointed by quality of shown dogs and bitches. But no wonder when we consider so many of them that are bred and shown. It is obvious that our breed is very popular. Maybe too much. Some of the shows exhibits very really poor quality. I saw many newbies on the show. And I have to say that preparation for showing didn't get better at all. It is a pity they do not visit any other show, where they can see how to prepare for the show. Of course there very also very skillful handlers, but those are in the breed for much longer time. New dogs and bitches were presented as well as the well known. Several exhibits caught my eye - dog Clarke z Hambalek Bušín and bitch Dewii Erya Haryon.

Club show Kolesa 7.6.2015

Mr. John Scanlan – dogs
Mr. Craig Scanlan – bitches
Mr. Martin Grimwood – baby, working, veteran and honour classes
Winner of Club show Kolesa 2015: Dante Danellor Victory Dream

I took a part together with Chili at Clubshow, where over 200 dogs were entered, during wonderful weather. Chili was entered to "OPEN" class, in competition of 27 dogs and he was awarded as "EXCELLENT"

Crufts 2015 7. 3.2015

Mrs. A. Hubery – fogs
Mr. J. Devine – bitches

Crufts winner, DCC Eclypstaff Cuz I Can
BCC Rubeliclam Little Bumblebee
BP Eclypstaff Sky Full of Stars

As each year - the very first week in March belongs to Crufts show. This year I took a part as visitor only. Together with Pepa Klimeš we were invited by my son, who organised the whole trip, and went flying to Manchester. We met our good friend F.Pitaš, who was showing his dogs. His Rocky wasn't dissapointment and was placed in veteran class. As each year exhibitors from Czech took a prt as well. My big respest for them for representing czech breeding at this prestigeous show. Big congratulations to all, who was placed.
Winner was nice 4 years old dog Eclypstaff Cuz I Can.

Championship show Staffordshire Bull Terrier club 9.11.2014

Stoneleigh Park Warwickshire
Dogs: Barbara Ann Beaufoy (Wyrefare)
Bitches: Fred Gadd (Gadkey)

Dog CC - Elitebulls Heartbreaker For Regalbuul
Bith CC - Bellaroughe Blithe Spirit
Best Puppy - Bethaleese Black Betina for Kyraloebis

Novembers seems like years ago and for me is connected with trip to England and visiting of my friend F.Pitaš and Championship show Staffordshire Bull Terrier club. I was lucky again to show Iron Satip Dirty Dancing (owned by my friend Frank) and I enjoyed that so much. The dog was shown in two classed and was placed in both of them. Again several wonderful dogs and bitches were presented and again bitches took the highest title.

National dog show Brno 23.10.2014

Judge: Davies Colin (UK)
Open class: Excellent (14 dogs)

Club show Kolesa 13.9.2014

Judge: A. Sobkowská–Dopireala (PL)
Open class: Excellent (24 dogs)

3.6.2014 Few photos of puppies sired by Ace of Spades Kostelorli (Chilli).

Club show Ml. Boleslav 8.5.2014

Judge: M. Clarke (UK)
Intermediate class: Exc.1 CAC (24 dogs)
We did well at the show, Chilli presented him great and became class winner and got his 2nd CAC.

1.4.2014 Here are some picture of girls from Poland sired by our Chilli

CRUFT's Birmingham 7.3. 2014

Judges: J.R. Pugh – males and Clarke – females
Yearling Class (24 dogs)
Result: VHC

As each year the very first week in March belongs to Crufts. This year I took a part at this show for the very first time as a handler thanks to owners of our breeding ACE OF SPADES KOSTELORLI (I.Šabatova and L. Reichl), who made it possible. This way I would like to say thanks to them to enable me to present my own breeding. He did amazing in his class and reached placing in Yearling class. Congratulation!!! Also big thanks belongs to frineds V. Erben,E. Lavrova and M. Tuschl, who also shown their dogs and who I went to this trip together with friends from Russia and Latvia. At the show I met my friends F. Pitaš, J. Klimeš and more friends from Czech Republic, show came to show or to look at the show - Petr and Simona Lahoda, I. Zuranova, P. Prokopova, V. Holubova, I. Marouškova. Huge congrats to S. Lahodova for the 4th place with female JCH. Its Black Mafie Fransimo Bohemia in Special junior Class and also to others who showed their dogs.
Level of presented dogs was extraordinary as always. Huge part of that was also due to dogs from DNK, NLD, ESP, AUS, DEU. I think that as well as at Championship in Stoneleigh Park Warwickshire quality of females was a bit higher. Total winner became for the second time nice male Zakstaff Whats The Story, and pretty Devils Angel took 1st place in females.

DUO CACIB Brno 22.2.2014

Judge: Ing.J.Daňková
ACE OF SPADES KOSTELORLI (Chilli) - intermediate class: Exc-.1 CAC
The show was very fruitful after hard training and it was also dress rehearsal for Crufts. Chilli shown him self to pefection and became winner of the class and got his first CAC. Judge did excellent work as she always does.

Stoneleigh Park Warwickshire, Championship show 9. - 10.11.2013

Midlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier club
Staffordshire Bull Terrier club

Due to invitation of my friend F.Pitas I could take a part as a visitor at Championship show for the 4th time. This year I managed to see two prestigeous championship shows organised by East Midlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier club and Staffordshire Bull Terrier club
About 480 staffies were entered at both shows from GB, Germany, Spain, Netherland, Sweden and Czech republic.

Judges: 9.11.2013
Dogs: Mr. Kevin Jones (Maxsta)
Bitches: Mrs. Audrey Hubery (Nozac)
  Dog CC - Jecanibos Ki-Adi-Mundi
  Bitch CC - Dare To Dream
  Best in Show - Dare To Dream

Judges: 10.11.2013
Dogs: Malcolm Boam (Fulfin)
Bitches: Ann Disk (Bourtie)
  Dog CC - Kalhols Black Magic at Passernomen
  Bith CC - Briganah Limited Edition
  Best in Show - Briganah Limited Edition

As each year I wanted to observe dogs more to see if I will find new generation of champions that I saw last year at this show. I have to admit I saw beautiful bitches and I started to run between both rings and I saw how Mr. V. Erben and Mr. M. Tuschl did among their competitors. I have to say they did very well. Their females did excellent, they were placed and one of them even as a class winner. I must not forget Mrs. Lavrova, whose dog Sikaistaff Dark Lord became class winner as well.
But back to dogs. This year I liked puppy male Manark Murphys Law and puppy winner Mysticbulls Storm Trooper of Antroboss. In other classes I enjoyed males Ki-Adi-Mundi, Kimstaff Harry Potter, Itcheboren Night Furi Dustblaze and also sable males Albermarbull Running Riot and Albermarbull Red Riot.
Females had very strong level, all of the same type and beautiful. Bitches as Dare To Dream, Eclypstaff There You Go at Kalverin, Aldwych Tiger Lily, Sebsonic Shinealight at Stormbull, Taraiel Ciara, Kyraolebis Sweetest Taboo, SpeedHunter Samba, etc. are guarantee of quality.
Quality of bitches was according to me higher than dogs. Also judges choosed females to be BIS on both days.

Judges did great job again and I have to say that judging of Mrs Ann Dick was especially my cup of tea. I was a bit surprised by unpreparedness of some dogs - propably new owners, experienced breeders and handlers did great performance as always.
Umístění našich zástupců na těchto dvou výstavách, ale i jiných během roku jsou první vlaštovky naši zvýšené kvality chovu.

Placing of representant of CZ at the two shows is proof of increasing quality of breeding in our country.
At the end thanks to Frank for invitation, it was nice weekend.

2.11.2013 Prague CACIB

Judges: Ing. Daňková - males
MVDr. Šimek - female
On Saturday I took a part at this show as a handler of Ace of Spades Kostelorli (Chilli). Again in a big hall with a lot og dogs after long time. Chilli behaved as a professional. We were placed as umber two in competiton of 14 dogs in junior class.
Experienced judge Mrs.Daňková did good job and choosed Ashstock Red Miller as BOB. I was nicely surprised with judging of Mr. Šimek, congratulation!
If other judges will be judging on the same level, I am looking forward to show season 2014.
Ace of Spades Kostelorli


As you can see from the pictures below, puppies from our A litter have found many different ways of SBT life - as a pet, sports man and show dog.
Armani Kostelorli Armani Kostelorli Armani Kostelorli Ace of The Base Kostelorli Ace of The Base Kostelorli Ace of The Base Kostelorli

14.9.2013 Specialty show SBT Kolesa

Judge: Mrs. Liz Stanway - males
Mr. Paul Stanway - females
Over 260 males and females took a part at this show. For me this was a premier as a handler of our breeding Ace of Spades Kostelorli (Chilli) in junior class. In competition of 36 males in the class Chilli was number 2 with very nice critics. Judge was very careful as we are used to from England and she didn't missed anything. She stacked dogs several times by herself so she could properly judge them. It was very nice to watch her work.

Ace of The Base Kostelorli Ace of The Base Kostelorli Ace of The Base Kostelorli

20.7.2013 IDS Mladá Boleslav

Judge: T. Havelka
Only over 40 males and females were shown. Our breeding Ace of Spades Kostelorli(Chilli) was shown in junior class and ended up as number 3.

Ace of The Base Kostelorli

2.6. 2013 CACIB Nitra, Crufts qualification

Judge: Mr. Šinko, Slovenia
Hodnocení: Exc., CAJC, Crufts qualification
On Sunday again as a visitor I took a part at next show, where our young breeding Ace of Spades Kostelorli (Chilli), owned by I. Šabatová, was shown. This show was also qualification to Crufts. I was very surprised about the low number of entries - only 26. Even entries from our country were very low, propably exhibitors are not ineterested in qualifictaion. I have to say that our organizators of dog shows have stil a lot to learn about how to prepare a show ring. Ring was big with corpet and, plcing numbers were matter of fact. Chili did great and his performance is getting better and better - in competition of 5 males in his class he got the qualification. I am very happy and congratulation belong to his owner!

Ace of The Base Kostelorli Ace of The Base Kostelorli Ace of The Base Kostelorli Ace of The Base Kostelorli


Thanks to Fišer family from Kladno for nice pictures of Ace of The Base Kostelorli aka Arčí and congratulation for their succes while traning.

Ace of The Base Kostelorli Ace of The Base Kostelorli Ace of The Base Kostelorli

4.5.2013 Praha CACIB International show

Judge: Mr. Polehňa
I took a part at the show on Saturday and I was curious how will Ace of Spades Kostelorli (Chilli) deal with his second show duting one week in big hall and huge number of dogs at one place. I have to say he was more into making dog friends than showing off. He was excellent without placing.
In males classes known dogs as Joseph Arate Alesaf, Easy Rider Moravia Lord, Zony z Hambalek Bušín, Valglo Dream Maker, Angranian Saiorse Warrior took first places.
In females classes bitches of our standard were placed first.
What surprised me?
It was the attitude od an experienced judge who was very fast while individual judging and some less experienced exhibitors were a bit lost. Sometimes the try of teeth control looked a bit funny. Also showing in movement was different than in the ring next to ours.
At the end of the show there was a seminar about preparation of a young dog for a show. I don't know what was expected from the seminar, but one could easily find a clear advices how to prepare a young dog and unexperienced handler/owner for a show.

Ace of Spades Kostelorli Ace of Spades Kostelorli Angranian Saiorse Warrioir Bully For You Top Banana Feny třída vítězů Feny třída mladých Feny třída otevřená Valglo Dream Maker Valglo Dream Maker Přednáška Přednáška Přednáška Přednáška

27.4.2013 Club show Mladá Boleslav

Judge: Mr. Asker – dogs / Mrs. Summerfield – bitches
90 dogs and 109 bitches were entered at the club show. This show was the first one for me in the role of a breeder. For the first time my kennel was represented by Ace of Spades Kostelorli (Chilli) and it was very well done. Chili was placed second in youth class. Thank you very much!
I observed both dogs and bitches at the show.
In dogs classes males of correct size and expression acoording to the standard were winning. No surprise, clesses were judged by an english judge. Males as Joseph Arate–Alesaf, Ace of Spades Kostelorli, Zonny z Hambalek Bušín, Easy Rider Moravia Lord, Casanova Nalim Staff, Dream Maker Valglo and Final Fantasy Berseker, who was also BOB, scored.
It was very similar in females judging. Females of soft feminine expression were placed. We could easily see the difference between males and females. Females of our standard had very small chances. The first places were taken by females as Bully For You Top Banana, Lawstaff Approval at Ambasador Sun and Night Miracle Eilatan.
Already for seven years I visit shows in England and I saw judging of many english judges. All of them have the same system and style. And we could see it at this show as well. Dogs are checked from all sites, judges do a control of bite and touch the dogs. They let them run in triangle, up and down and make a written critics. No sitting at the table and dogs are checked properly.

Ace of Spades Kostelorli Ace of Spades Kostelorli Ace of Spades Kostelorli Night Miracle Eilatan Daddy's Little Girl Bullparraben Easy Rider Moravia Lord Gloria Staffi of Bulli Botts Joseph Arate Alesaf Zendi z Hambálek Bušín Zony z Hambálek Bušín Valglo Dream Maker Valglo Dream Maker

6.3 – 8.3. 2013 CRUFT Birmingham

The very first week in March belonged again to Crufts show. Together with my friend J.Klimeš we flew together to London, where we met again our friend F. Pitaš, who again took a great care about us. As usually we talked about SBT and looked at his two female puppies, who stay at Franks place. I have to say I liked both very much and wish them great show career. We left to Birmingham next day in the morning in a wonderful moode. Franks Rocky made us company. We was shown for the forth time at this show and was always placed. This is for sure a proof of his high quality. Congratulation, Frank!
At the show we met with friends from the Czech Republic, who came by car or bus. That reminded me my first trip to Crufts by bus. I met Roman and Jana Zalis, Petr and Simona Lahoda, Mrs. Slaba, Mrs. Mudrova, Mrs. Mrnakova, Mrs. Maruskova, Mrs. Lavrova, Mrs. Svamberkova, Mr. Kozelka and others. Some of them were showing their dogs and were placed in their classes. This way I would like to congratulate!
180 dogs and 199 bitches were entered. Males were judged by Mr. A Bryden and bitches were shown under Mrs. J. Hunter.
We could see dogs and bitches of an excellent quality. As usually I was more into dogs again. Some of the dogs confirmed their qualities and were placed on front places in their classes - Stormbull Solo winner of veteran class, Frisian Staffs Enter Sandman winner of special junior class, Satip Sorboss at Vrabarbull winner of Yearling class, Antroboss Tempera Nera limit class winner, Zakstaff Whats the Story open class winner and Kyraloebis Italian Gigalo, who was placed 2nd in open class.
Next to great success of Pepity Wizard Bull and bitches from kennel Ambasador Sunn, I was touched by open class. The shortlist in this class was really outstanding - each one of them could be the winner of class.
Sebsonic Shinealight at Stormbull, Crossguns Memfis Belle and also Pepita Wizard Bull confirmed their qualities in bitches.
Winner of the whole breed was, I would say surprisingly, bitch Crossguns Memfis Belle.

For me it was sixth Crufts show I visited so far. For six years I observe development of the breed in UK. I am happy to see dogs that fit to standard in height and weight. Overall type is very atletic, just as the standard says. But some things do change - shape of head and ballanced proportion by males and females as well are getting better.
The show was great, exhibitors were smiling, nice atmosphere, firends, simply another great experience.

Zakstaff Whats the Story Sikaistaff Dark Lord Satip Sorboss Pepita Wizard Bull Kyraolebis Italian Gigalo Kyraolebis Italian Gigalo Kimstaff Harry Potter Kalhols Dark Maruda Valglo Jeff's Choice Stormbull Solo Harley R.A.C. Popelka Frisian Staffs Enter Sandman Easy Rider Moravia Lord Ashstock Red Miller Antroboss Tempesta Negra Angranian Saiorse Varrior

2.2.2013 DUOCACIB Brno

Complete results of staffordshire bullterriers: HERE
On Saturday I took a part at the show as a spectator and I turned my attention into males again.
I will not comment the baby class, which is only cute.
Some of the dogs in puppy class had problems with handling and showing but I have to say that I find some of them very interesting, especially dogs from kennels Moravia Lord and ze Smiřické zahrady. Junior class was a bit more strong in competition. There were some very promising dogs from Ambasador Sun and Fransimo Bohemia kennels. It was a pity that male from Valglo kennel, owned by z Hambalek Bušín kennel, did not compete. The winner, by right, was the youngest of all ream of Hunter Fransimo Bohemia, owned by Mr. Slaby.
Open class was a big disappointment - in number of entered dogs and their quality. That is why I am not going to comment the class.
Six males were shown in champion class. Each was a bit different in type and each had its qualities. Winner was Harley R.A.C. Popelka, who also became an absolute winner. I really liked the judging. The judge prefered types of dogs that I like as well - standard height and weight. The same opinion was presented in seminar of Mr. A. Hedges. I hoped in bigger number of entered dogs and higher quality of them as this was Crufts qualification show.
In the end I regret that organizators did not offered numbers for placing (1-4) in the show ring.

Da Gipsy Dream Staff Bohemia Dasty ze Smiřické zahrady Dream Hunter Fransimo Bohemia Easy Rider Moravia Lord Final Fantasy Berseker Harley R.A.C.Popelka  Trufflestaff Boniti Bohani Zonny 	Z Hambalek Bušín

11. 11. 2012 Stoneleigh Park Warwickshire Championship show - Staffordshire Bull Terrier club

Already for the third time, thanks to invitation of my friend F. Pitaš, I could see prestigeous Club Championship show organised by Staffordshire Bull Terrier club. I took a part at this show together with my friend J. Klimeš. Entry of 250 staffies from Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Netherland, Denmark and also czech kennel Fransimo Bohemia was presented.
Again I turned my attention into dogs more, because of understandable reasons - I want to where the breed goes and how dogs changed since I saw them last time at this show. I was lucky to be handler of female Iron Maiden Satip of my friend Frank, due to this I could be in the ring and take a part at it.
Dogs from well known kennels - Kalhol, Rotherstaff, Ramblestaff, Ashstock, Aymstaff, Tillcar, Zakstaff, Kyraleobis, Waystaff, Trufflestaff, Lackyle, Sikaistaff, Crossguns etc., took a prat at this show.
But back to males - in puppy class I was surprised by males with high legs, middle strength of bone, physically grown-up according to their age and very elegant. None of them took me this year.
In other classes males of my ideals were presented and some of them really took me. For example I could compare male Sikaistff The Dark Knight, who is one year older than Sikaistaff Dark Lord (both by the same parents). Next males from kennels Zakstaff and Crossguns, golden dogs from Bellarouge Blood Diamond and Ashstock Knight Shado. I would like to stress CH. Kalhols Black Magic at Passernomen - I have never seen better one while stacking, just wonderful. I left two dogs at the end, where I am able to compare their development.
First one is Tillcarr Fire Marshall, later male winner, who is on top border of height, elegant, balanced and very nice.
Second is CH. Kyraolebis Italian Gigalo. For me, the best dog of the whole show, I didn't noticed any mystake and I have to admit that real men grew up from those one year old boys.
Now something about females, names as Dare To Dream, Cursus Summer Storm, Aldwych Tiger Lily, Ramblestaff Jorja On My Mind, Sebsonic Shinealight at Stormbull, Taraiel Rihanna, Kyraolebis Sweetest Taboo etc, are guarantee of quality.
General quality of females was propably better than in males as both judges agreed that BOB is female Dare To Dream.
At the end I want to say that judges were perfect, atmospehere and organisation as well, just a show that is my cup of tea.
Many Thanks to Frantisek Pitas for inviting us, it was wonderful weekend!

Alchemist of Spirit Staffs Antroboss Tempesta Nera Ashstock Knight Shadow Ashtock Red Miller Bellarouge Blood Diamond Crossguns Conviction Cursus Summer Storm Dare To Dream Frisian Staffs enter Sandman Highbourne Bureaucracy Itcheboren Night Fury Dustblaze Kyraolebis Italian Gigalo Kyraolebis Italian Gigalo Lackyle Aonread Aineas Warwickshire 2012 Trufflestaff Black Warrior Zakstaff Game Of Zakstaff Whats The Story at Morlu Dare To Dream Tillcarr Fire Marshall

30.9.2012 - Puppies at their new homes

Kostel Orli

Armani Kostel Orli
Armani Kostel Orli
Armani Kostel Orli

Kostel Orli

Ace of Spades Kostel Orli
Ace of Spades Kostel Orli
Ace of Spades Kostel Orli

Kostel Orli

Abanddon Kostel Orli
Abanddon Kostel Orli
Abanddon Kostel Orli

Kostel Orli

Ace of the Base Kostel Orli
Ace of the Base Kostel Orli
Ace of the Base Kostel Orli

Kostel Orli

Amazon Kostel Orli
Amazon Kostel Orli
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16.7.2012 - Next succes of sire of our litter

Sire of our puppies Kyraloebis Italian Gigalo got his third CC and in his 18 months became UK Champion. Already in November 2011, when I saw him for the first time, I belived in his great future. Many thanks for opportunity of mating to Ann Plant and I wish to both a lot of following success.

28.6.2012 - New pictures of puppies

We have made an update in section "Puppies". We recieved great news from owner of sire of our litter, Kyraolebis Italian Gigalo, who got RCC and also his 2nd CC (Challenge Certificate), 2x Best of Bred - all of that before 18 months of age.
You can book a puppy from our litter.

12.6.2012 - Puppies were born

A long time expected puppies were born in our kennel Kostelorli. Madlen gave birth to 4 boys and 1 girl. Puppies have an excellent pedigree. To see more, please visit "Puppies" site or contact us by email.

25.5.2012 - Madlen is pregnant

Pregnancy of our female Jewelstaff My Madlen was confirmed by vet on 15.5.2012. I am glad that male I choosed for mating confims my prediction and starts to collect wins at shows. His last success is getting CC , already in age of 15 months, 6.5.2012 Merseyside Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club
We expect puppies to be born in the middle of June.
More in "Puppies".

London, Lincoln 11. 4. – 13. 4. 2012

In these days I was in UK with my female Jewelstaff My Madlen for mating with male Kyraloebis Italian Gigalo ("Charlie"). I choosed the male at two championschip shows at East Midlands SBTC and Staffordshire Bull Terrier club in UK in November 2011. After seeing him at Crufts 2012 I finally decided he will be the one for my female - he fits to my image of type and size and I also like his pedigree. This male belongs to upcoming generation of successful males bred in kennels as Zakstaff, Kanechor, Valglo, Tillcar, Lackyle, Waystaff and Karwillage. Charlie already took several wins in puppy cathegory. In only 14 months he became Best dog and Best in Show at SBTC Limit show.
Many thanks to Mrs. R. A. Plant for leting me use their boy.
I must not forget to thank to my friend F. Pitas, without him it wouldn't be possible.
Frantisek shortly, HUGE THANKS!
Now we wait for 5 weeks to see how successful our trip was. If Madlene is pregnant you will find more info on "puppies" site . Few pictures:

Birmingham Crufts 11.3.2012

First week of March in year 2012 was again in sign of Cruft show. Me and my friend J.Klimes flew to London on Saturday, where our friend F. Pitaš, Dan and Nella were taking care about us. Of course immediately began talks about staffs and about our program for the next day . Next day in the morning we began out trip to Birmingham in a good mood. Frank's Rocky, who was shown, was a nice company for us.
At the show we met our friends from the Czech Republic, Jana and Roman Záliš, Simona and Peter Lahoda and Ivana Zuranova, all of them came to show their dogs. They did great. Several placings at 4th and 5th place in such a competition is a very nice result for me. My respect to all of them! I must not forget Frank and his Rocky, who are traditionally placed.
For the end I left my friend J.Klimeš and his very well handled Vanta by J.Zálišová.
Pepa, congratulations for Vanta's result !!!!
178 dogs and 203 bitches were entered at the show. Judges were two very careful ladies. Mrs. S.L. Hemstock was judging dogs and bitches were judged by Mrs. E. Pearson.
We could see dogs and bitches of excellent quality. More high-quality dogs of fawn and white-fawn colour caught my eyes although I prefer black colour. A lot of them also won their class.
Also the final winner was fawn-white male WICKSTAFF THE HIGHWAY MAN and beated bitch CH TRUFFLESTAFF MONIFA KANIKA JW, which I would prefer for my BOB choice. Although proportions of the male was bigger than I would like I have to say that his presentation and drive was stunning and that is why he propably won.
For me the show was not only about admiring many great staffies but also about choosing a dog for mating with my bitch Madlen. I did my choice and picked up very promissing dog Kyraloebis Italian Gigalo. More information can soon be found on our website.
We all had great time, again we could see happy faces of our friends and each one of us supported their favourites. Each class winner had a massive applouse, simply a great day!

Crufts 2012 Angelic Staff Bang Bang Boogie Bellajazz Annalisa Blazen Staff Devils Diamond Blazen Staff Devils Diamond Dazmarnic Double Trouble Hubbulls a Lackyle Iva a Ilumin čtvrtí Lackyle Aonread Aineas Rocky Tagstane Dangerous Delight Trufflestaff Black Warrior Trufflestaff Monika Kanika Vanta Waystaff Strikes Out Wickstaff The Highway Man Wickstaff The Highway Man Wickstaff The Highway Man

Shown in England 11. – 14.11.2011

Stoneleigh Park Warwickshire
Championship show 12. a 13. 11. 2011
East Midlands SBTC, Staffordshire Bull Terrier club

Thanks to invitation of my friend F.Pitaš, I had again the pleasure to see prestigeous Club Championship show. This year crowned by two shows of two clubs within two days. We made this trip together with friends P.Klimeš and R.Záliš.
There was a lot of to watch, about 240 staffs from Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy were entered at both shows.

What was common for both shows?
Few things: both males and females in the same type ( without massive dogs, without dogs of bull type, females were softer, easy to recognize males and females). New generation has some to show ring, excellent judges and also surprise with favourites and champions, excellent and friendly atmosphere.
I turn my attention to males during both days as I wanted to choose a male for our up coming litter. I have to admit that if I had a candidate before, now I am thinking about much more candidates.
Traditional and known kennels as Kalhol, Hubbulss, Rotherstaff, Valglo,Ramblestaff, Ashstock , Aymstaff, Tillcar have taken a part at shows, but also some of the new kennels such as Zakstaff, Kyraleobis, Kanechor, Valglo, Waystaff, Lackyle, Karwillage.
Traditionally we met with Mr. Hedges, who was a handler at this show and Mr. Gilmour, who again handled by his own way golded male from kennel Blazenstaff, who also won class Limit dog.
After the show we debated about dogs that took us the most or less and about level of breeding in our country. In my own oppinion, some dogs from our country would not get lost in the competition, I do not say they would win.
Thank you Franta, Dan and Nela for the nice talking, hospitality and your care about us!

Zakstaff Whats The Story 4 Welshstaff Credit_Crunch 3 DCC Valglo Legionare Rotherstaff Indian Ink 1 Rocky Ramblestaff Ebenezer Good TOP STAFF Lackyle Aonread Aineas 3 DCC Kannechor Omnia Vincit 2 Kalhol Dark Maruda Kalhol Black Magic at Passenomen 1 Hubbulls the Promise 1 Cursur Summer Storm 2 Crashkon Sugar Daddy Bourtie Wot a Steal 3 BCC Blazenstaff Daimler Six 2 Aymastaff Devil Disguise

27.8.2011 IDS Mladá Boleslav – judge Volšická

Result: Jewelstaff My Madlen – Intermediate cl. – Excellent without placing
Staffordshire bull terrier Madlen Staffordshire bull terrier Madlen

11.6.2011 Kolesa Club Show SBTC – judges B. and J. Beaufoy

We were showing our male Russo and female Madlen. Show was organised in a wonderfull area, traditionally with great weather and excellent judges. Judging was very careful and results fair.
Our result at this show:
Russo’s Ruffland Fransimo Bohemia – champion cl. - Excellent 4
Jewelstaff My Madlen – Intermediate cl. – Excellent without placing
Staffordshire bull terrier Russo Staffordshire bull terrier Madlen

10. – 13. 3. 2011 Dog show Crufts – Birmingham

In these days me and Toby went on trip to Crufts show with family Lahoda and I. Zuranová. This show was show highlight of Tobys show career. He was entered to the most prestigeous open class, where 34 dogs were presented. In the class we met dogs we saw at shows in England (Cruft, Championship show). It is not happening every day to stand in the ring with dogs as Lackyle Diabhal Dearbhchlo, Crossguns Tom Jones, Kalhols Black Magic at Passernomen, Valglo Enzo of Jewelstaff, Jagsstaff The Advocate.. so we were enjoying that very much. I have to thank to my friends Petr and Simona, who took me with Ivana on this trip and enabled me show Toby at this prestigeous show. It were four wonderful days of peace, joy, chats about staffs and experience from the show.
Staffordshire bull terrier Russo Staffordshire bull terrier Russo

20.11. 2010 IDS ZAGREB – CRUFTS 2011 Qualification

We went to this show with our friend Iva and our male Russo’s Ruffland Fransimo Bohemia (Toby) to try again our luck in qualifying to prestigeous show Cruft (he was twice on the second place before). It should have been his penultimate show in his long show career. We met breeder of Toby - our friend Simona Lahodová, from whose kennel is our Toby. We spend two wonderful days in Zagreb.
Result: IDS Zagreb 2010 Champ. class Excelent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, CRUFTS Qualification !!
Staffordshire bull terrier Russo Staffordshire bull terrier Russo

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